3rd Party Manufacturing

3rd Party Manufacturing

  • Third-Party Manufacturing has become a new latest concept in the Pharmaceutical section which contributes good scope for many Pharma Companies. Advantages availed in Third Party Manufacturing are so beneficial that these lead to good growth structure. Moreover, we have Reputed status in Pharma Industry and our company is incorporated with the most advanced technology machinery. We have brought latest machinery which reduces Pressure, save time and makes Quality Production.
  • Top Manpower equipped with us has years of experience in Pharma Range.
  • Manufacturing of Tablets, capsules, injections, syrups, ointment, the gel is easily available in Bulk orders.
  • Custom label available according to the requirement of Customer.
  • More certifications are added to your product from our hand.
  • Leading in On-time delivery, Quality packaging, 24-hour support system.
  • The minimum price is Offered on Bulk orders at the wholesale price.

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Dr. D Derma is a leading Derma Franchise Company in India. We specialize in a wide range of skincare and cosmetic drug formulations. Covering different aspects of dermatological drugs for Derma PCD Derma Franchise, Pharma Franchise in Derma Range and Derma Pharma Manufacturing, we bring DCGI approved drugs that have been appreciated by Dermatologist around the globe. We come on top in the list of best cosmetic PCD Companies India. We provide a wide range of products for the Cosmetic PCD franchise.

Quality and efficiency in Products

Specialized team working on R&D

QA/QC of products is Mandatory in the unit.

Genuine deals are offered